Building on Prosperity with
German Champions

Germany is the leading economic power in Europe. ACCOM provides access to its
prospering commercial real estate markets though a unique and proven strategy.

Facts and Figures about the Decentralized Economy of

The German economy is the largest manufacturing economy in Europe with low risk and high stability (government bond yields 0.22%, Ratio government expenditure/ GDP <45%, unemployment rate 3.9%). Germany has one of the strongest growth rates of millionaires and UHNWI (Wealth report CapGemini). German HNWI invest in long-term real estate.

High-tech engineering and obsession with quality are in Germany’s cultural DNA. Germany excels in the production of cars, machinery, electrical equipment, electronics and chemicals.

Germany Is Highly Decentralized – Economic Strength Is Located in the Countryside

As a federation Germany is a decentralized country and does not have a single economic center. Many universities, government authorities, NGOs and industry hubs are spread widely across the country. There are 549 airports, the largest number in Europe, and more than 30 international airports. An infrastructure network of 13,000km highway and 33,000km of rail makes for fast logistics in every corner.

Berlin is not the location of Germany’s economic strength. 99% of renowned, world-class market leaders, so-called “German Champions”, base their operations in Germany’s countryside. They attract all kinds of businesses and suppliers in their direct vicinity. Thus, attractive commercial real estate opportunities are located where wealth and economic power is located: spread out all over the country.

German Champions
Located in
Power Regions

Intelligent real estate portfolio management
benefits from the economic power of the
industry. In the vicinity of German
Champions, we 
find highly attractive real estate
Still thinking about Berlin?
See where the big players really are …

If You Invest in Germany, Go Where Its
Economic Strength Unfolds

“If stable returns at attractive volativity mean more to you than a shiny trophy address in Berlin, you should look into the German Mittelstand regions. Our portfolio is deliberately located where German Champions make and spend their money. Our footprint mirrors the German economy.“

Stefan Kalmund, Managing Director, COO

We Are Right Where
We Need to Be

120 real estate professionals are spread across our
different offices, close to the regional markets. From
our three offices in Germany, we can reach every
asset within three hours. Our knowledge of our assets
and our tenants is one of the keys to our success.

For ACCOM, portfolio management means active,
hands-on management on-site. Our team consists of
experts with both, technical and managerial
background. That’s why we have architects, technical
planners, local facility managers as well as financial
analysts and lawyers in our team.

„The key differentiator is that we are very active asset managers who see tenants as our customers. With many of them we have long working relationships of 10 years or more and we have a very unique capability in the commercial real estate space to handle many small fractional tenant structures across 20 or more cities in Germany. Thus, our portfolio reduces risk and dependencies and generates very consistent returns. “

Claudia Gerum, Managing Director, Head of Asset Management

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