ACCOM Is a Leading German Real
Estate Investment Management Group

Our 120 full-time employees in three offices across Germany make sure the entire value chain leads
to a continuous cycle of transactions to the satisfaction of our investors.

Full Vertical Integration Gives Us Real Value Enhancement Capacity

Being close to German Champion companies and the “Mittelstand” means that we are like them in a way. We take things seriously.

Most real estate investment managers look at their cash flows remotely, detached from their assets by crunching numbers at their office desk.

We are different. We are more committed to our assets. We go out there and get to know our properties and our tenants. We create full vertical integration.

Taking on Responsibility Is Our Key to Success

Our professional staff covers the relevant skills to manage assets thoroughly. In our team of 120 real estate professionals, you will find among others:

  • Construction engineers
  • Architects
  • Lawyers
  • Financial analysts
  • Administrative managers
  • Property field managers

Many have been with our company for 15 years and more. Responsibility for the assets we manage is our highest value.

Our Due Diligence Reports Are Famous

We analyze all financial, legal and technical facets of a property before we
decide to include it in our portfolio.

Cash flow analysis
risk assessment

Our experts have developed an extensive
treasure trove of experience in preparing excellent
decisions throughout many years.

Performance through

A large number of first-class planners
and architects raise the head-count
of our technical department well above 90%
of Germany’s architectural firms.

Strong Local Presence and Market Intelligence Are Key Performance Drivers

We operate at three strategic office locations in Munich, Stuttgart and Hannover to manage properties and to reach investment locations within three hours.

Our organization works with a high-performing platform (skills, processes and IT) to generate value with 120 FTEs (AM, PM, Technical AM, Reporting, Portfolio Management and Cash Management).

In-house engineering and technical asset management are important factors to our success.

ACCOM Provides Access to Commercial
Real Estate Markets Through a Unique
German Champion Strategy

German Market Access

Most of Germany’s world-class
companies are not located in Berlin
but spread across the country. Learn
more about how we unlock German
real estate market opportunities …


The art of cherry-picking requires a
deep understanding of local real
estate markets. Find out how our
regional offices identify attractive
Value-Add opportunities earlier….


Core+ assets offer long-term
perspectives if they are managed
with high efficiency. Learn how we
diversify risk and yield stable
income over many years.

“Cash management within our group and portfolio is constantly optimized together with our banking partners to yield more profits and benefit for our investors.“

Hubertus von Trebra, Head of Treasury 

Download our acquisition profile

If you are interested in offering your property to us please refer to our acquisition profile. We kindly ask you to check if your asset matches our requirements. If so, please contact us.