Property management

Market oriented and proactive

Our property management combines the management of the properties themselves with the management of the assets invested in the properties and property portfolios. Our experienced Property, Asset and Portfolio Managers work hand in hand in order to ensure a constant and unfiltered flow of information across all management levels.

This integration allows us to provide comprehensive and networked support that tenants, managers and owners benefit from equally. We save costs, gain valuable time and can increase the value of properties in a targeted manner with well-coordinated measures at every level.

Optimisation of property investments

With extensive and continual observation of the market, detailed and tailored investment, portfolio and property strategies and the continual careful examination of all of the technical, legal and financial aspects, we position the properties and property portfolios with which we are entrusted securely in the market and generate good returns.

We represent the owners in all matters, look after the management of the portfolio and new letting as well as the accounting and settlement of all costs. We plan and monitor all construction measures and manage estate agents, property managers and architects.

  • Property Management

    In the area of property management we ensure the smooth running of all management services. We provide tenants, owners and insurance companies with a single point of contact and coordinate all service providers including the caretaker service.

    As well as managing existing tenants, we also take care of the selection of suitable new tenants and the drawing up of legal lease agreements. We also look after all of the accounting and analyse and optimise operating costs.

    We review all maintenance agreements regularly and restructure them where necessary. For repair and restoration measures, newbuilds and property conversions, we take care of the entire project management and the coordination and control of external technical service providers.

    Our property management naturally also includes the management of associated underground parking and car parks.

    • Conception of the tenant structure and management of tenants on site, including processing of lease agreements
    • Coordination of all service providers and workmen on site, including the caretaker service
    • Accounting, analysis and optimisation of rents and operating costs
    • Project management for newbuilds, conversions, restorations and modernisations
    • Management and letting of associated underground parking
  • Asset Management

    In the area of asset management we look after the management and optimisation of lease agreements. For this purpose we digitalise existing agreements and in so doing provide an ideal basis for documentation and analysis.

    We use the software programme RELion to manage lease agreements. Existing agreements are immigrated, while new agreements are recorded and filed directly in the system. We review the index-linking, make amendments and additions, document turnover-linked rent and make index and rent adjustments.

    In order to optimise the rent agreements, we analyse regularly which lease agreements are about to expire, in what areas the conditions should be adjusted in line with market / target rents, where there are vacant properties and how these can be re-let.

    • Digitalisation and immigration of lease agreements into the system
    • Review and adjustment of index-linking
    • Documentation and adjustment of turnover-linked rent
    • Analysis of lease agreements and vacant properties
    • Optimised re-letting by tenant structure
  • Portfolio Management

    In the area of portfolio management we rely on long-term property investment concepts and provide detailed advice. We plan property portfolios strategically and assess systematically all of the risks related to the purchase. We examine particularly carefully the compatibility of the investment profiles with the individual properties, the respective property portfolio and the current market conditions. 

    By continually monitoring the market and carefully examining all of the technical, legal and financial aspects, we accurately identify suitable high-return investment opportunities.

    We also pay particular attention to the precise valuation of the portfolio, controlling using a range of indicators, archiving and the analysis of historical data, risk analysis and the preparation of realistic forecasts.

    • Strategic planning including risk assessment for the portfolio
    • Optimisation of the property portfolio with systematic analysis, planning, management and control
    • Monitoring of the asset management and implementation of value-enhancement programmes
    • Cash flow management of the portfolio
    • Purchase/sale and financing of properties and management of transactions including external service providers