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Accom is an owner-managed group of companies that has dedicated itself to investment properties since 1952.

Our services complement each other perfectly and range from due diligence and investment advice to property management.

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Experts in a range of disciplines

The Accom team comprises around 60 professionals made up of lawyers, economists, construction engineers, architects, asset managers, property and investment experts and other experienced and highly-qualified staff.



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Due diligence & advice | Property management

Property investments offer a high degree of stability and the opportunity to achieve an above-average return, if the concept and strategy have been thought through carefully and implemented thoroughly.

We examine and assess all of the key factors relating to property and advise you in your property investments on the basis of this. We also look after the management of your properties and property portfolios.


Below you will find our property portfolio:

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Commercial and residential properties all over Germany

For decades we have taken care of the due diligence checks, qualified assessment and proactive management of properties for our customers – in all individual disciplines and all over Germany.

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